Now there’s a question!
Asking how much a website costs is a bit like asking how much a house or car costs, it all depends upon the requirements of the purchaser. We have some packages with fixed prices, for those that want a web presence with the minimum of fuss. You provide the content and we will build you a beautiful fresh and modern site according to your specification. A package site will still be unique and fully SEO optimised, that’s how we do things, we want every clients’ site to be successful.
We quote individually for the bespoke service, which is available for those who are more individual about their specifications e.g. requiring individual Graphic and Logo Design services rather than the use of stock images. Give us a call and we’ll have a chat, we will be able to help you, we always can!

The time it takes to design and code a website is determined by…
The complexity of the site design, if the site is being designed from scratch or simply being revamped, the amount of content and our current website design schedule. We will give you an exact completion date prior to starting work.

A webhost provides storage space for your website files, allowing it to be accessible over the internet.
All websites require webhosting, which we can provide for you. Alternatively, we can use your hosting account should you already have one or want to use your own. Webhosting is charged annually, usually along with your domain name renewal.

Simply fill in the contact form or give us a call 01424 422450 to discuss your needs.
We will then provide you with a quote for the design and take it from there. You are welcome to come to our office and meet us or we can communicate via email and phone.


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